Photopack Download: January 2020 at Brixton

This download is free. We only ask of a few things if you download this pack:

– Please do not share photos of other performers. Only share photos of yourself.

– Please credit us @AlexFrancesXTUX and @MindOverMatterLdn in all photos you post. We don’t watermark these photos so you can enjoy them without an annoying little logo.

(All our social media pages are in the ContactOur Team Pages)

If you have any more questions, please check the FAQ below.


The MoM Team.

Available until Saturday 15th February 2020.


Can I Apply Filters/Edit the photos?

No. Unless it improves the image further. The only ‘filter we’d appreciate is Black and White.

Can I redistribute the photos?

Yes, via Physical or Digital means. However, you cannot profit off distribution in any way. 

Can I use the photos for Advertising?

Yes, as long as the photos are used for a headline act / performance of another event or single / album launch etc.

They are not to be used for anything incriminating or something that strays too far from the original intended use. (eg. a poster for war recruitment, or products).

Credit must be given in all publications to Alex Frances and Mind Over Matter.

how do i open the files ?

The files will all be zipped up and labelled by month, location and year. It is recommended you use a Desktop Computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) to download and unzip the files. If you’re using a phone (Android or iPhone) you’ll need to find an app that can unzip the files.

Why are there more photos of other people than me?

We filter out less flattering photos of people when we edit.

Ironic as it is, Alex himself is camera shy and wouldn’t like to see a bad photo of himself on the internet.

The majority of The MoM Team are experienced artists and hope we have a good idea of what people will like!

Why do we have to credit you?

You must credit us because the photos are a little extra added content for you, your social media pages and to help you with advertising and your career should you be pursuing one.

It allows us to supply the photos without having to watermark them. If this is abused we’ll have to add water marks to the photos.

Why don't My photo's look as good as "Person xyz" photos?

A true craftsman never blames his tools. It was likely our fault. However, there are some performers that move around a lot and it’s hard to grab focus. Forgive us.

Why are some photos grainy or dark?

Same answer as the previous question. There is always light for performers to step into but we can’t control where people choose to perform. 

Why are some photos are in different styles?

We edit and shoot to compliment the performer and their emotions to get the best result. Also, over time Alex’s style may change or he may be experimenting. 

Why are some events missing? Why are my photos not there?

Alex hasn’t been able to attend every single event. In this situation we always try to find a replacement photographer but it isn’t always possible.  

Can I use the photos for my Album Art?

Yes. Credit must be given to Alex Frances and Mind Over Matter


They will be available until Saturday 15th February 2020.

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