Connect is an experiential workshop designed to maintain good mental health covering creative and psychotherapeutic exercises.

Our Service

We offer psychotherapeutic and creative workshops culminating in an open mic and/or full in-house Mind Over Matter event.

Our signature workshops accommodate up to 30 participants. We are also able to design bespoke workshops for larger groups.

In addition to the direct benefits of taking part in our workshops there is also an opportunity for participants to learn enough about spoken word poetry and creative writing to be able to continue to use some of the workshop techniques in their own time.

Our in-house events can run as smaller scale poetry showcases / open mics, and are easily integrated into conferences / meetings.

There is also the option to run larger scale events where we host an open mic / showcase for workshop participants before presenting headliners.


Workshops lead by our resident psychotherapist, Anna Sinski.

Anna is a BACP-accredited integrative psychotherapist, published poet and a spoken word artist. A lot of her poetry relates to her own experiences with grief, anxiety and disordered eating. Creative self-expression is something she uses as part of her integrative approach to therapy.


Events hosted by Fisky. Poet, Rapper, Founder of Mind Over Matter and member of London’s FLOpoet collective mentored by Natalie ‘The Floacist’ Stewart, founding member of seven-time Grammy nominated Neo Soul duo, Floetry.

Fisky speaks from twenty years of personal experience with grief, depression, addiction and shares how writing, performing and expression turned his life around.


Workplace Benefits

  • Reduced stress for employees through our experiential workshop and learning tools to deal with stress overall in every-day life outside the workplace
  • Learn ways of using creative writing as a coping mechanism
  • Reduced stress = reduced sick leave which equates to increased productivity for companies
  • Less stressed employees = happier and more productive working environment


Further Outcomes

Our workshops and events explore poetry on a variety of topics including mental health, loss, celebrating women, a culture of violence, love and relationships, discrimination, and much more. 

We invite participants to read, listen, speak, create, and share in a safe and nurturing environment.

Poetry is frequently used in professional, structured therapy sessions; and on a personal level is accessed by many in times of need. It has the ability to inspire thought, change, and creativity; it can also promote healing and personal growth. Through poetry we can creatively connect to self, others, and our communities.


Therapeutic effects of Poetry

– Has been repeatedly shown to relieve depressive symptoms, improve self-esteem and selfunderstandingand encourage the expression of feelings

– Inspires creativity

– Promotes healing and personal growth

– Alleviates anxiety and stress

– Enhances problem solving skills

– Promotes mindfulness

– Develops greater empathy and understanding of others

– Can tap into powerful non-verbal responses, much the way music does

– Promotes self-reflection and exploration

– Validates emotional experiences

– Can help people realise that many of their experiences are shared by others

– Can boost your mood

– Can say what you can’t

– Improves communication skills

– Helps individuals redefine their situation by opening new ways of perceiving reality

We take pride in empowering our service users to explore their own creative abilities, and in turn to confidently express their thoughts and feelings. Our events and workshops educate users about the therapeutic benefits of poetry and creative writing; and provide them with valuable self-management tools.

We believe equipping people with the ability to express themselves in a healthy and creative way is not only incredibly empowering, but can have a positive effect on their long-term mental health and wellbeing.

Through meaningful activities which encourage and enables improved self-esteem, wellbeing and mental health, participants have the opportunity to engage with others in a positive way; offering an opportunity to build a supportive social network.

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