Poetry Prescribed: Our Philosophy

Poetry Prescribed uses spoken word poetry as a catalyst for conversation; to inspire thought, change, and creativity. We provide a safe space for people to come together and learn about how both spoken word poetry and creative writing can help deal with a wide range of topics. Our workshops offer a voice to those who may have previously found it difficult to articulate and/or express what they feel, and welcome everybody regardless of writing experience or ability.

We look forward to prescribing you poetry!



Poetry Prescribed

Our Workshops

Our workshops explore poetry on various topics with themes including self expression; mental health; relationships; overcoming adversity and more.

We invite participants to read, listen, speak, create, and share poetry. Poetry is frequently used in structured therapy sessions; and on a personal level is accessed by many in times of need.

It has the ability to inspire thought, change and creativity; it can also promote healing and personal growth. Through poetry we can creatively connect to self, others, and our communities.

You do not need to be a poet to take part. At Poetry Prescribed we welcome all writing levels- rest assured no previous writing experience is required to participate! We only ask that group members keep an open mind, and be willing to explore their own creative potential in a nurturing and judgement free environment.

We have developed a series of interactive children’s poetry workshops with themes including self esteem; imagination & creativity; bullying; cyber bullying; personal rights and responsibilities; positive thinking; mental health awareness and more. Using poetry, children are invited to explore a range of topics in a safe and nurturing environment. The primary focus of our workshops is to encourage thought and self expression using a series of games, activities and exercises.

Through poetry we can connect to self, others, our communities, and our spirituality. Yoga opens up enormous channels of creativity and teaches us how to embrace the ‘process’ rather than focusing on the ‘goal’. Let us guide you through an interactive three-hour workshop of yoga, meditation, and poetry; inspiring self expression through movement and creation.

This workshop is open to everyone.  You do not need to be an experienced poet; nor have practised yoga in order to join us.  We promote an inclusive space, and welcome all. 

What to expect:

Movement:  A yoga instructor will guide you through a moving meditation, removing obstacles in your physical and mental body; preparing you to connect to your creativity.

Creation through word:  A poetry workshop facilitator will lead you through empowering poetry exercises designed to encourage self expression, and explore your creative intuition.  

Our Founder

Miss Yankey has previously facilitated therapeutic music workshops with both community and SEN groups. As a performance Poet Esi has graced stages at The Royal Albert Hall, The Tate Modern Gallery, Althorp Literary Festival, Leefest, The Lambeth Country Show, and many more. She captivates her audiences with her honest and heartfelt poetry; often speaking up on behalf of the oppressed and silenced. Esi began writing poetry as a child, and carried her love of writing into adulthood. Upon learning more about the therapeutic benefits of poetry and creative writing, she realised that she had been unknowingly using poetry as a therapy for many, many years. Combining her love of poetry, with her knowledge of holistic therapy, and passion for mental health awareness; Esi founded Poetry Prescribed in 2017, with the primary aim of improving people’s mental health and well-being using poetry and creative writing.