I thoroughly enjoyed Mind over Matter’s event in Balham last night. It was gritty, raw, honest and very moving at times. I came with two friends: all three of us have lived experience of mental health and mental illness, none of us had been to an event like this before, and we all came away feeling inspired

Sarah Witts

This was a truly amazing event, the creative minds that came together into honest, positive and supportive space was inspirational. Raising awareness and money for cause that was close to my heart, I felt comfort and empathy in the words which were spoken. Mixed with greatly talented music artists performing, the room was electric with creativity. It has even inspired me to write poetry. Looking forward to the next event, and I have many friends that will interested to attend too!

Rachel Stringer

Events like these are so important, especially for people who need nights like these to help get through their month. Fisky has organised something special here, an evening that addresses an issue as important as mental health, using spoken word and hip-hop, it’s a safe environment where both newcomers and veterans to the arts are welcomed. Love it.

Egemen Celik

This was an incredibly special event for an awesome cause. Inspiring and deeply moving, the event demonstrated the bravery, resilience and creativity of each and every individual that performed.

Danny Newman

So diverse, uplifting, evocative and emotional. The event was raw and honest but not dark or depressing. A hard balance to achieve whilst raising awareness for such a worthy cause. Can’t wait for the next one.

Oya Mustafa

A very entertaining and inspirational evening filled with some very talented acts. The whole evening was very well organised, everything flowed well and the hard work put in to bring everything together was evident. I was very moved and inspired by many of the acts that performed and I will definitely be attending the next event.

Claire Riding

I’ve been to a few Mind Over Matter events now, they get better and better! The space is so welcoming for all to share different forms of art, whatever experience(s) the group/individual has faced. The honesty of the performers is empowering. I always leave with a new outlook.

Emma Campbell

What Fisky and Miss Yankey have achieved is nothing short of phenomenal. They have created a community of artists and admirers alike; who listen, share, engage and most importantly are able to feel peace and at home, loved for who they are and what they do.

I mean it with the weight that the sentiment carries; MoM, it’s team and poetry quite possibly saved my life and for that I will be eternally grateful and cannot recommend you get yourself, your whole self, to one of these very special events.

That Mr Christopher